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Harley Davidson Company History

Those looking for Harley Davidson Wallpapers know how the company got started and how it is so popular. Starting in the year 1903, a group of men from Milwaukee, Wisconsin dreamed of a new motorcycle that was different from anything built before. The group was made up of Walter and Arthur Davidson along with William Harley. Using tools and materials borrowed from friends, this group built the first Harley Davidson motorcycle.

The design of the first Harley Davidson motorcycle was a loop frame not seen up to that point. The group ended up with a total of three bikes built in their first year. The next major addition was the adding of William Davidson to the group in 1907. By that year, the group had made over 150 motorcycles. The success of Harley-Davidson was just starting and would soon become a culture to itself.

In 1908, the company incorporated itself and further expanded the staff to almost 20 people. The company also expanded from their original shed workshop to a large production facility. Within several years, Harley Davidson became the world's largest producer of motorcycles around the world.
Harley-Davidson became quite large in the area of military vehicles. The armed forces used thousands of motorcycles and added huge orders to Harley. Harley Davidson motorcycles are the standard by which other bikes are built. The Harley-Davidson name is synonymous with strong, tough and above all integrity as the company has continued to build high quality motorcycles for over 100 years.

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