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The Ducati Company or offically known as Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A is based out of Italy. 

The origins of Ducati started in 1920's when three brothers - Adriano, Marcello, and Bruno Ducati started a company that produced parts such as tubes for radios.  This company was highly successful through the years even during times of war.

Another company - SIATA - had been producing small motors that fit on bicycles.  A joint project between Ducati and SIATA produced the first Ducati motorcycle in 1950 which was a 60cc unit that weighed about 100 pounds.  But these small type bkes were not as popular as larger bikes to the public so Ducati changed focus and built larger motorcycles to appease thepublic demand.  While gas mileage was outstanding on the first motorcycle, bigger was better to the buyers.

Production expanded into the 1960 when Ducati produced the ultra fast 250cc unit called the Mach 1.  Other advances were the large displacement motor known as the L-twin, and L-twin with desmodromic valve setup.  

In the 1980's Ducati was sold and an idea was thought of to rebadge the Ducati with the new owners name but that was scrapped.  Another sale follwed with a stock offering but now Ducati is back in private hands ownership.

Still known for the large engines and the unique design of Fabio Taglioni, the Ducati still competes in the worldwide motorcycle market filled with custom and mass-produced bikes.

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