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Many times with the increasing number of users in any area the speed of your Internet connection will reduce. By taking a free internet speed test there is a chance you will see preformance speeds drop over time. To accurately diagnose this condition it is best to take several readings over time and at the same time to properly measure speed.

Broadband is the name given to a high speed Internet connection that provide large bandwidth. It is a quick connection, typically always-on and capable of transmitting data at a much faster rate than dialup.

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A free Internet broadband test, whether via a cable or DSL, is a great way to see how fast your connection speed is at your computer. Most companies claim very fast speeds but this really is determined in the optimum setup. Your speed could easily decrease based on how many people close to you are also on the same line or wire. The more people using broadband service or even DSL connection, the slower your speed will be to your computer.

Broadband speed is often confused with bandwidth. Bandwidth refers to the amount of data you are using and does not relate to the broadband speed. Some companies limit the amount of bandwidth users are allowed to use. If you download movies or other large files off the Internet, you may receive a call from your cable or phone company as they actively monitor and run bandwidth tests on the system

The moral here is to test often and test with consistant variables such as your computer, services running and time of day.

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