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The Jonas Brothers are one of the most popular American boy bands in the latter part of the 2000 decade. These three brothers from New Jersey have been in front of the public since an early age performing on stage as well music. Brothers Kevin, Joseph and Nick were well known from their appearances on the Disney Channel but they are out with their third band album named A Little Bit Longer which was released in the year 2008.

The story behind the band is that Nick Jonas was discovered at a young age and was a veteran of Broadway plays and shows. The brothers are from a Evangelical Christian family with the boys father being a pastor. Nick had written a song that was picked up by Christian radio while he was working on Broadway. The boys signed later with Columbia Records. In 2005, the Jonas Brothers toured with major bands and singers. In 2006 the guys offered a limited release of the album It's About Time which was only 50,000 copies available. Although still popular on the Disney Channel, the band was dropped by their record label in 2007.

The Jonas Brothers were then signed by Hollywood Records in the beginning of 2007. Gigs like playing at the White House did not hurt their image, which is one of wholesome boys rejecting sex, alcohol and smoking products. In 2007, the Jonas boys released another album named 'Jonas Brothers'. The album went high on the charts eventually reaching the number five spot.
The most exposure was when they did several guest appearances on the hugely popular TV show Hannah Montana. This show catapulted them into other shows like the Miss Teen USA pageant and other Disney shows. In 2008 they released the current album named A Little Bit Longer. 2008 also allowed the boys to tour more than they had in the past.

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