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Hulk Hogan is a professional wrestler born Terry Bollea. He was featured in tons of westing events including famous matches against Andre the Giant, Big John Studd and even paired with Mr. T for the Wrestlemania III bout.  

Hogan was born on August 11, 1953 in Georgia.  He was not a small child and suffered from obesity as a kid.  Hogan had four stints in the WWE and also wrestled in many places like WCW and also in Japan.  Hogan is best known for his Hulkamaniacs which were kids he was idolized by to eat their vitamins.  Hogan though later claimed he had been using steroids for years which did not help his clean image.  He fought some of the top talent in the wrestling world.  His biggest match was with Andre the Giant which was kind of passing the torch since nobody could be beat Andre since he was so huge.  Hogan did manage to beat him but the story says it was Andre who approved it.

 He has two kids Nick and Brook who is pursing a singing career which seems fueled by papa. has put up some cool artwork of free Hulk Hogan wallpapers.  Click the image below to see and get the free wallpapers now.


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