Saleen Wallpaper
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New Saleen Raptor Wallpapers Photos on The Saleen Raptor is an awesome car that is a mid-engine sports car that which has the Saleen 5.0 Liter Supercharged V8.  These Saleen Raptors wallpapers do not show that the car runs on E85 ethanol to produce more power and run cleaner for the environment.  Top speed on this car is over 200 MPH and has a 0-60 MPH time of 3.2 seconds.  Grab these free Saleen Raptor wallpapers now.

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saleen-raptor-wallpapers-2.jpg (52663 bytes) saleen-raptor-wallpapers-1.jpg (76308 bytes)
saleen-raptor-wallpapers-3.jpg (66275 bytes)

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