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Nissan GT-R Wallpapers

Custom Nissan GT-R Wallpapersfor your desktop and even a cool cell phone wallpaper to impress your mobile friends.  The Nissan GT-R is one of the top 20 cars in the world.  This production version was announced in 2007 at the Tokyo Motor show and the official launch was July 7, 2007.  The Nissan GT-R is powered by a V6 with 480 horsepower at 6400 RPM.  The torque on this car is amazing with it clocked at 430 foot pounds.  This is also a all wheel drive car and retails for about $75,000 US Dollars.  Top speed is almost 200 mph!  DOwnload these Nissan GT-R wallpapers that are exclusive to skinz with these designs and customizations.   

Click on the thumbnail for larger Nissan GT-R pictures and wallpapers.

nissan-gt-r-wallpapers-1.jpg (270432 bytes) nissan-gt-r-wallpapers-4.jpg (242349 bytes)
nissan-gt-r-wallpapers-3.jpg (212355 bytes) nissan-gt-r-wallpapers-2.jpg (196182 bytes)
nissan-gt-r-cell-phone-wallpapers-1.jpg (53208 bytes)

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