Hummer H1 Wallpapers
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Cool Hummer H1 Wallpapers and Pictures on 

Hummer H1 is originally a military vehicle.  The Hummer H1 costs over $100,000 and is owned by mainly rich people like Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The truck is very costly to own and gas mileage is ridiculous.  This is not for your average person and should only be bought by the people who can afford this type of vehicle and who may need it in rough terrain.

Free Hummer H1 wallpapers are available here to download. Click on the thumbnail for larger Hummer H1 pictures and wallpapers.

hummer-h1-wallpaper-2.jpg (97362 bytes) hummer-h1-wallpaper-3.jpg (62690 bytes)
hummer-h1-wallpaper-4.jpg (256613 bytes) hummer-h1-wallpaper-5.jpg (169087 bytes)
hummer-h1-wallpaper-6.jpg (209866 bytes) hummer-h1-wallpaper-1.jpg (121225 bytes)

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