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The Acura NSX wallpapers found here show the awesome lines of this car.  Even though the Acura NSX is not selling anymore from the company, there is no denying this cool looking sports car.  Powered by an alumnium engine and unique shape, this is one of the most desireable cars on the road today. 

Many NSX owners have tweaked their cars for maximum horsepower and speed.  This car was meant to be a challenge by the Japanese automaker to the American sports cars.  Rumors have been rampant that the company might bring back the amazing vehicle in the next few years on a limited basis for those with enough money to afford such a luxury car. Download these cool Acura NSX wallpapers today.

These special wallpapers were made by the staff of and show interesting collages of pictures of the ultra sleek vehicle. With Acura still a leading manufacturer, the new NSX concept vehicle is already drawing support from fans with its futuristic looks and style. The car remains a sleek two seater but has amazing lines almost taking on a shape of a Ferrari. No details have been released but rumors put the car coming to a showroom sometime in 2015. If these rumors are true, it will have left a ten year gap in between when the last NSX was sold in 2005. The vehicle will reportedly still remain a two seat, mid engine six cylinder car.

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