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The AC Cobra wallpapers shown are the 427 car. Well known as a classic sports car, the AC Cobra wallpapers show the vehicle which was built back in the 1960's by a British manufacturer. The hand built vehicle has a unique look with its protruding steel tubing behind the seats.

While the car was build in the U.K., an American Carroll Shelby had more ideas for the car than the standard engine that came with the car. Shelby wanted to put in a larger engine into the car and had help from the buildres at the famed Thames Ditton factory to modify the body and engine mounts to accept Shelby's Ford approved engine into the AC Cobra. Once the car was modified, it was sent to Shelby in the U.S. where he fit in the engine successfully.

Several versions of the AC Cobra were produced over the next few years of the 1960's. The models were known as the Mark I, II, and III. The car was not by any means financially successful which led to its demise. Later on in the late 1980's, Carroll Shelby reinvented the car and made it once again available known as continuation cars. Shelby authorized more production of the original AC Cobra's from Las Vegas and looked just like the same car that rolled out in 1960's.

Shelby was caught up in a bit of a scandal in the 1990's as the LA Times news organization uncovered a scheme that alleged Shelby counterfeited his own cars. The car builder had gotten the California Department of motor vehicles to issue duplicate titles of cars that did not exist. The scheme was about the time that these vehicles were jumping to record high prices in the collector car world. The news company discovered what Shelby was doing and he admitted the chassis were made in the early 1990's.

With the car being so popular, Ford Motor company showed a concept car for a modern AC Cobra at an auto show in 2004. has put up some new artwork of free AC Cobra wallpapers.  Click the image below to see and get the free wallpapers now.

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