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Have BMW M3 Wallpapers on your desktop? This is one of the hottest cars on the planet and desired by many people. These BMW M3 Wallpapers will make your computer sizzle. A car made by the German automaker now is sold in a convertible in the USA. The yellow or blue BMW M3 are two of the most popular colors sold. Download these BMW wallpapers from skinz and check back for more from our userbase.


To see the larger pictures, click the thumbnails below.
bmw-m3-wallpapers-1.jpg (71906 bytes) bmw-m3-wallpapers-3.jpg (53315 bytes)
bmw-m3-wallpapers-2.jpg (88007 bytes)


Today's 3 Newest Uploads

Name: GlassSpheres
By: eismcc
For: Abstract Wallpaper
Downloads: 2 today

Name: SkinzorgBubbles
By: mruser
For: General Wallpaper
Downloads: 4 today

Name: Screw You Red!
By: macrobaye
For: 3D Wallpaper
Downloads: 10 today

Today's Top 3 Downloads

Name: The Official Terminator 3 Windows Media Player 9 Series skin
By: The Skins Factory
For: Windows Media Player
Downloads: 933 today

Name: Matrix Code V1 Screensaver
By: wildwelsh
For: General Screensavers
Downloads: 513 today

Name: Glass pipe
By: Artgraf
For: 3D Wallpaper
Downloads: 328 today

Random 3 Wallpapers

Name: E X P O N A
By: cazzanova
For: 3D Wallpaper
Downloads: 4 today

Name: Renewal
By: etype2
For: 3D Wallpaper
Downloads: 103 today

Name: Honey
By: Stb
For: General Wallpaper
Downloads: 2 today

Featured Designer - The Skins Factory is proud to feature one of the top skinners in the world - The Skins Factory. With a client list of the top companies in the world, the interfaces that this team produces are extraordinary. Founded in 2000 by rogue interface enthusiasts with a bold vision and a passion for all things GUI, The Skins Factory has quickly grown into the world's premier service provider for truly innovative graphical interface solutions. Our reputation has been built by an unprecedented commitment to excellence in all aspects of the interface development process - from start to finish our clients quickly realize that they've made the best possible choice in deciding to work with The Skins Factory. Check them out today at

Here are some of their amazing works of art:

The Skins Factory Portfolio


Featured Skinnable Product - Maxthon Browser

Our friends over at Maxthon have allowed us to showcase some of the skins for their Maxthon Browser application which the staff at is hooked on. Maxthon Browser is a powerful tabbed browser built for all users. Besides basic browsing functionality, Maxthon Browser provides a rich set of features to improve your surfing experience. With over 111 MILLION downloads, this is the browser to have. Find out more at

Here are some cool skins for the Maxthon Browser:


Free Frosty Words Generator for MySpace or Websites

Get Cool MySpace Frosty Words Generator from our site who allowed us this exclusive access. Use this Frosty Words Generator for any words you need or phrases. We use it on the sites we run. More of these generators to come this year for all our skinz friends.

Click here to get to the free frosty Words Generator tool


Free Burning Text Generator for MySpace or Websites

Get Cool MySpace Burning Text Generator creations right here from We had this myspace text generator coded and easy so you can make so cool graphics for your website or myspace account. All you need to do is to enter the text you want and hit the Burn my text button. You will then get the code to put on your site or MySpace account. Look for more MySpace Generators coming from soon.

Click here to get to the free burning text tool



                        Free MySpace Layouts & Avatars from staff - june 30, 2007 8:23:08 PM
We have made arrangements for free MySpace Layouts and Avatars to be available on These free MySpace Layouts and Avatars are found on our left side menu and offered selected examples of the cool files we will be bringing to you in the very near future. staff members are working hard to bring you the latest and most useful Free MySpace tools and files for free. There will never be a charge for files at More MySpace Layouts and Avatars will be added so stay tuned.

GP - webmaster.

                           News - Posted on July 13th at 05:53pm by geekpipe

Lady Gaga Wallpapers and Megan Fox Wallpaper added

New Lady Gaga and Megan Fox wallpapers have been added to different section of the website. The lady Gaga wallpapers are for your cell phone and computer backgrounds collection whil ethe Megan Fox is in honor of her Transformer movie again.

[ Read more | 0 comments ]

                           News - Posted on January 13th at 11:30pm by geekpipe

New Jonas Brothers Wallpapers Page added

A new page for Jonas Brothers wallpapers and pictures has been added to the site. This hugely popular band of three brothers has been featured everywhere lately including the White House, New Year's Eve in New York City as well as many other TV shows including the ever popular Hannah Montana. Check out the bography of this boy band and also the customized, user submitted Jonas Brothers wallpapers and pictures that go with it.

The link for the page is:

[ Read more | 0 comments ]

                           News - Posted on October 20th at 12:14pm by FartBoy11

Ducati Monster Wallpapers Added

A new Ducati Monster Motorcycles wallpapers page has been added to skinz. These Italian bikes are popular due to the large L-Twin motor and are not as popular though with other USA based manufacturers. Take a look at these unique wallpapers for your pc.

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                           News - Posted on September 23rd at 01:27pm by The Skins Factory

Hyperdesk: the ultimate desktop transformation experience

Hyperdesk is an exciting new product from The Skins Factory that allows you to transform the appearance of your regular Windows desktop, with an endless array of exciting new desktop themes, skins, wallpapers, widgets and other applications called “hypersuites”.

Using Microsoft's own skinning engine, Hyperdesk uses a “native” and stable way to theme Windows. Because the magic of Hyperdesk occurs entirely in memory, your system files are never touched or replaced. And just as it takes a single button to make the magic happen, a single click will return you to your default Windows desktop.

Each Hyperdesk installation contains a custom hypersuite. These works of art have been painstakingly, hand-crafted by the world's most talented commercial interface artists at The Skins Factory, with the same attention to detail & flawless execution we've become known for throughout the industry.

On the Hyperdesk website: you'll find official themes for Disney and Pixar (WALL-E) and other exciting desktop themes to transform your Windows XP desktop.

The Skins Factory, the makers of Hyperdesk have recently signed a 2-year licensing deal with CBS to bring official Star Trek themes to world of customization. Exciting times for the customization communities indeed.

[ Read more | 0 comments ]

                           News - Posted on August 19th at 10:30pm by geekpipe

Ford Shelby GT500KR Wallpapers Added

Brand new Ford Shelby GT500KR Wallpapers section has been added to the website. Check out the page on the right side with all the files to get free.

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                           News - Posted on August 17th at 09:44am by geekpipe

Honda S2000 Wallpapers Added

Download these cool Honda S2000 wallpapers and make your PC or MAC fly with the customized designs. More of these types of cool wallpapers will come from the staff and members of skinz.

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