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When trying to test your Broadband speed, it is important to look at the facts surrounding yor broadband connection. The way broadband works,(specifically for speed in to your home or business) is the cable company has a wire going down the street. This wire is split into your home off the main line. Once this wire is split, it is hooked into your router. But think about how many other things are hooked into this wire which would reduce yoru broadband speed.

Every home or business on this street further slows down your broadband speed. Before running any sort of test, it is best to get an idea on how many people are on this line and maybe even who is on the line. It seems many kids download music and videos which end up to be large files. Kids also seem to be online always. Add them up and your connection could be slowed. Sure adults also do this but it is hard to tell.

Another considerations is if your broadband service is limited by the company itself. Each provider pays for the internet access. They are charged huge amounts of money. They are not going to give away free bandwidth or tremendous speeds since that would cost them so much money. So they limit your connection speeds especially on uploading. This will kill your broadband speed and should be known before running any free broadband speed tests.

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Broadband is the name given to a high speed Internet connection that provide large bandwidth. It is a quick connection, typically always-on and capable of transmitting data at a much faster rate than

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Many times your speed is also determined by how far you are away from the phone company if you use DSL. Cable does not really suffer from these problems but all services suffer from overuse. Ever been online on a Sunday night and found it slow as heck? So many people online before school and work.

Broadband speed is often confused with bandwidth. Bandwidth refers to the amount of data you are using and does not relate to the broadband speed. Some companies limit the amount of bandwidth users are allowed to use. If you download movies or other large files off the Internet, you may receive a call from your cable or phone company as they actively monitor and run bandwidth tests on the system

The moral here is to test often and test with consistant variables such as your computer, services running and time of day.

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Many users of broadband service around the world think they get the fastest possible speeds. But many times this is not true and the speed they receive for uploading and downloading is radically different. 

Most companies that provide broadband service also provide cable television as well as VOIP phone service. All of these services are usually sent over the same broadband wire and routed by a splitter. One connection would go to your television and another through a cable modem to use your VOIP phone and broadband Internet connection.